Monday, November 18, 2013

Abba is available in Audiobook

The Adventures of Elf Abba have finally been made available on audiobook! Abba is a clumsy elf at the North Pole who always seems to find herself in a one predicament after another as Christmas Eve looms. Created by Evelyn and Bill Wilbur, the Elf Abba stories chronicle the misadventures of the tiny elf with a big heart. The authors write a new story each year and send it out as a Christmas card to family and friends. The stories have never been made available to the public until now! The Elf Abba audiobooks make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves Christmas! Kids and adults alike will delight in Abba's misadventures and how she saves Christmas every year along with her boyfriend, AzuWish, and her friends Daniel, Elfis, and a polar bear named Percy. The stories are brought to life by Valerie Trujillo with exuberance and cheer. Order yours now! ONLY $10.00 plus $2.50 shipping ABBA Advertisement

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